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board exam 2020 latest news today in Pakistan

Latest News About Board Exam 2020

Due to the pandemic situation of the country caused by covid19. Prime Minister Imran Khan took the great decision for (board exam 2020) the nation students (board exams neglect, schools should be closed till July 15 across the country). As far as NCC (national coordination committee) on last Thursday decided to state the date of closure for schools as well as educational institutions(universities/colleges) and canceled the board exams till 15 July 2020.

One more great decision for students is to promote them to the next classes. High authorities are consulting about classes 9th and 11th to give the composite exam.

Teachers & Parents Suggestions About Board Exams 2020

Many parents and teachers give suggestions to high authorities to take the exams with proper social distancing.

A student should not be justified with its 9th result or 11th class result.

There’s no issue if the government takes the exam later on after these pandemic COVID19 situations.

How Students React On the Board Exam Cancelation?

Many students behave funky and happy when they listen to this news about board exams in Pakistan.  Meanwhile, some say that they cannot achieve good grades in their previous exams. So, they prepare their exams to achieve good grades and fulfill there parent’s dreams but the government could not support brilliant students.

Then how Pakistan provinces act 3 provinces agreed with the government and high authorities decision but one province not agreed with government decision than say: “We are going to start the routine life of student exams, classes and educational institution remain open from 1st June.”

Provinces that agreed on cancelation of boards exam

According to these 3 provinces Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan government took the good decision and they follow this decision: “There’s is a chance of coronavirus cases number goes up, so educational institute remains close till 15 July 2020 to save the young nation“.

Provinces that not agreed on cancelation of board exams

One province KPK is not agreed on this decision their number of corona patient are not increasing like other provinces. So that they declared to take exams in the coming month and open education institutions by taking health care precautions.