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Daily Health Care For Toddlers

How to care for Toddlers

Childs between 1 to 4 years old is called toddlers. This is when they become more mobile, independent and explore all things they can access. In this Daily Health Care For Toddlers Blog, you can know all information for your daily experiences.

daily health care for toddlers

Health & Daily Care of toddlers

In the case of daily care of toddlers, it is most difficult to handle. You have to be more sensitive

Bathing and Hygiene:

  • You can make baths for a toddler 2-3 times a week to keep them clean and hygienic, which is enough.
  • Wash toddlers teeth and genitals every day, if there is no need for a bath every day.
  • In case of getting dirty while playing, you can surely make a bath to protect them from disease.
  • Use gentle non-soap cleanser instead of soap, soap can make toddlers’ skin dry.
  • If a toddler’s skin is already dry, give them shortner lukewarm bath.toddlers health care on internet


Dental Care of toddlers:

Follow that routine while brushing toddler’s teeth, is part of daily health care for toddlers

  • While brushing teeth stay close to the child so can he/her feel more comfortable and secure.
  • Do it in front of a mirror so you can watch inside of Childs’s mouth and keep it cleaner.
  • Place your baby’s chin on your body with your hands over his head.
  • Angle the bristles of the toothbrush towards the copper. Place the brush in soft circles to clean the outer and inner parts of the teeth and gums.
  • Chewing surfaces of the teeth should clean by brushing back and forth.
  • Brush Childs tongue gently.
  • Try to teach a child to brush without swallow.
  • While using toothpaste, get him to spit it out.
  • While brushing is done, there is no need to rinse after, Fluoride toothpaste left behind to protect teeth.
  • Give a toy to a child while brushing so can he do it easier.

Behavior of Toddler

Your child’s behavior comes many times when your heart is warm. But, there are other times when it might drive you a little crazy. As a toddler or preschooler, your child may lack the self-control to express anger in a peaceful way and may rarely hit or bite in frustration.

  • Try to teach Childs manner of everything like in the house, school, playground or with friends.
  • Make him try to express his feelings to avoid anger and aggression, talk with him softly and try to explain everything he asks about.
  • Children who find it easy to manage on their own are good at calming down when they feel frustrated or excited. They can calm down quickly after something interesting and disturbing, and they are less impressive.
  • If your child is very sociable, he or she will like to be around other people, keep up to date and do group activities. But you don’t have to organize play dates and activities for your child all the time, because your child also needs to learn to control himself.
  • By showing him cultures, stories, and pictures of your family make your child’s family sense more strong. Encourage your child to attend community, cultural and religious activities and festivals.
  • Help your child to learn and explore new things. In case of any problem make him think calmly and find solutions on his own.
  • If your child is slow or naughty, don’t shout at him, try to give them positive vibes to build their self-esteem.
  • Ignoring children, treating them rudely, and not being interested in them is likely to be bad for children’s self-esteem. An example might be, ‘I’m sick and tired of you’. Children get lost or sigh all the time when they want to talk to you.

Toddlers Development

Development of toddlers

After taking the first step, Childs development had a new begging. He wants to learn about everything and ask more or more questions come to his mind

  • The development comes in both physically and mentally.
  • A healthy meal gives your child more energy to learn and grow. Healthy eating habit remains always and becomes part of life. Make his turn towards healthy habits and foods.
  • Physical activity is necessary to grow and to be strong. Play along with him in the playground to give a boost to his physical activities. It helps your child to move and get motor skills. Help him to understand and explore their own world.
  • Your child’s development contributes to positive relationships with friends and neighbors, and to local services such as playgrounds, parks, shops and childcare, playgroups, kindergartens, schools, health centers, and libraries.

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