10 best English Poems For Friends

10 Best English Poems For Friends 2019 -English Poem for friends

If you are searching for 10 Best English Poems For Friends then you are at right place here you can get complete article on 10 Best English Poems For Friends 2019

10 Best English Poems For Friends 2019

Friends are our best companions in life.Here I wrote 10 best english poems for friends.I hope this will really help you.so read it till the end and share it with your friends and relatives.

Poem No #1

I doesn’t think you will 

ever fully understand 

How you have touched my life 

And made me who I’m.

I didn’t think you could ever know 

how truly special you’re 

That even on the darkest night 

you’re my brightest star.

You have allowed me to experience 

something that hard to find 

Unconditional love that exists 

In my mind,body and soul.

I didn’t think you could ever feel

All the love that I have to give

And I am sure you will never realize

You have been my will to live.

You are amazing person,

And without you I don’t know where I ‘d be

Having you in life

Completes and fulfills every part of my universe.

Poem No #2

When tears fell from eyes

You were there to brush them away

When I was lost in confusion

You are there say everything will okay.

When I stood before you falling apart

You were there to lend your heart

When I felt like no one could understand

You were there to take my hand.

When no one else was left to care

You were there.

Poem No #3

When you are sad and depressed

I’ll be there to give smile on your face

When you are angry and frustrated

I will be here to calm you down.

When you are hurt and in tears

I’ll be here to wipe them away the pain

When you are lonely and have no one

I will be here to comfort you.

When you are feeling unloved and unwanted

I will be here to say you how important you’re 

When you’re having a bad time

I will be there you make it better

When there is something on your mind and you need say

I will be here to listen and understand.

When you’re full of worries

I will be here to worry with you

When you’re overwhelmed and need to away

I will be there with arms so we can away togather.

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Poem No #4

From the day that I first know you

Your heart was pure and kind

Your smile was sweet and innocent

You wit was well refined.

The sparkle in your eyes was keen

Your friendship fast and real

Soft words were your virtue

And humor your appeal.

We grew as friends combine

We laughed and shared our dreams

Along the way crush or two

Went unrevealed,it seems.

As years rolled on,our paths were split

Our roads went separate ways

We each pursued our interests

The occupied our days

We soon forget our youthful bliss

Of tender carefree years

We don’t talk or keep in touch

Throughout life’s pain and tears.

Then my darkest four came

And tried me to my core

To save my heart from ruin

I closed and locked the door.

Then out of every nowhere

With precise directed cue

And old familiar smile

Came slowly into view.

Poem No #5

It has meant so much to me

Having you as my friend

You will always be a part of me until the end.

When times are tough 

You’re always here

It has brightened my world

Just knowing your care.

You made me feel the love

I have inside 

You are a friend

A mentor ,a guide 

Since we met 

Our friendship has grown

While you are in the world

I will never be alone.

I feel blessed to have met

Something like you 

And it have found a friendship

So special and true.

Poem No #6

You are the thought that starts each morning

The conclusion to each day                                   

I envision you in all that I do                           

And everything I say.

You are the smile on my face           

The sparkle on my my eye                   

The warmth in my heart                             

The fullness in my life.

The only hand that’s laced to mine             

The coat upon my back The   

My friend and love;you have my heart         

I’ll never truth you back.

You are the dimple in my cheek                   

The constant tingle in my soul         

The voice that makes me weak                 

You are the one who shields the cold.

You are all I have wanted                 

All that I need                                                         

You are all I dream of                                   

You mean my life to me.

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Poem No #7

When I saw you in the morning 

It brightens up my day 

There are so many things in my mind

So many words I want to say.

I wanna tell you what I feel

But the I can’t find words 

These are mixed up with my things

That are running through my mind.

I’ve been keeping it locked up 

Because I know there is not a chance 

My friend never see at my way 

friends cannot even take a glance.

You don’t even know you are doing this

Toying with my heart

I wish I could just tell you this 

Buy I doesn’t know where to start. 

Should I Tell what you mean to me 

Or how badly I want to be with you always 

If I were to say these things 

How would you react?

Poem No #8

You can stand there and smile,you can sit here and enjoy

Buy you cannot trick me,I know it’s mask

You are trying to lie to me and everyone else

But why is it that you’re lying yourself?

you can calmly sit here and look awesome

But I know your emotions and I know you are a fool

I know inside you what’s your feeling

The suspense builds with the turn of a page.

By day you are one person by night becomes  another

And neither of them have anything to do with each other.

I have watched you sink further from your heart and just tears me apart.

I sit here and cry for you not for anyone

what you have become I wish you could see

No words could I use To help me explain.

What it does to me to see you in tension

You aren’t there anymore my friend

I hate to say this but this is we got ended😊.

Poem No #9

If I could write a poem

I would write just for you

But I can’t write poem

So what I’m to do?

If I could write a poem

I would tell you number of things

Of happiness and love

and the joy your friendship brings.

But I can’t write a poem

So you will never know

Just how much I Love you

and now I’ve to go.

Poem No #10

A true friend is someone 

who cares about you 

They good friends are someone’s who will be 

There when you’re down.

A true friend is someone 

Who willing to help you

When you’re in trouble 

That’s hard ti get out.

A good friend is someone 

who can talk to you 

And trust with your problems 

In not telling anybody. 

Ending Lines 

What’s you feel after reading English poems for friends tell us in comment box.I hope this article will really increase your love with your friends and you will share this with you love ones also.

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