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Top 10 Best Youtube Video Downloader [Update 2020]

Which is best youtube video downloader?This is question which is frequently asked so guys take it easy, in this article you will get answer of Top 10 best youtube downloader android.

Top 10 Best Youtube Video Downloader

Watching offline youtube videos is now need of day. Now you are thinking that why is it necessary to download a video?let me tell you this in easy words.Look guys, as you know youtube is second biggest search engine across globe. Youtube has become largest video community tool. According to google there are 300 hours videos are uploaded on youtube every minute. More than 5 billion(very large amount) videos are watched on youtube every single day. That’s why audience is now completely addicted to youtube.

Downloading a youtube video is legal or not?

Many people like to watch the youtube video exclusively but, a number of community want to download youtube video. Now here the question that downloading youtube is legal or not?so guys now you are shocked to know that downloading a youtube is actually illegal. Because in youtube terms and conditions it is clearly narrated that youtube is just for exclusive view.There are certain reasons behind this. Firstly youtube is just a online tool. Secondly youtube have to show advertisement before the videos which is necessary because millions of advertisers pay to youtube on daily basis.

Now why people would like to download youtube video?so look, most of people want to watch their favourite videos later so they try to save offline that special videos. Secondly some videos they have to watch many of times like songs so they try this method. Long video duration is also one of reason to download a video in order to watch it completely with in the gaps of time. So here I discussed best youtube video downloader.keep reading till the end and I hope this article will help you.


Best Youtube Video Downloader

Onlinevideoconverter is an simple website which converts youtube links into download link. This is an amazing site with simple interface.In order to download any youtube video you just have copy that specific link and past in place on site. Just click convert and your video will be ready in differents resolutions. You can mp3 as well. This site has following features,

  • easy to use 
  • free tool 
  • no pop ads 
  • no unknown format file

Onlinevideoconverter has almost 5 millions users on the planet. This site is not only download youtube video but also others socials networks like facebook & can visit this site by searching the name(as mentioned above) of website in google.


Best Youtuber Video Downloader

This is another amazing website to download youtube videos. It is just simple tool to save offline your favorite content. Site provides you following three differents tools to download a youtube video.

Youtube Downloader: A tool provides users to download a video by pasting the particular link copied from youtube. Users have variety in resolution of specific video to download.

Youtube To Mp3 Converter: The second tool which converts youtube video link into audio/mp3 format. You just have paste the video link and after choosing the mp3 format download would stared directly.

Youtube Converter:Third tool is just like the first one,If you face an error on that tool you can use this one. This tool works same as the first one.

If you feel boring in reading this then you can watch out this video because all the same suggestions were also discuss in this video also.


Best Youtube Video Downloader

Clipconverter is just a one page website which gives it’s users a function of downaloding a video or audio file.This site only requires a link of that particular video which is to be downloaded.This amazing sites has thousands of visitors daily.This is one of the most popular and used sites.It has following features,

  • No ads
  • Free to use
  • No registration required
  • High quality resolutions

You can download high definition 720p and 1080p videos from here.In order to download you just have to search and website name on google and have the targeted video link.

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Best Youtube Video Downloader

This is one of finest online youtube video downloading site.Youtubemp4 has simple look.You can easily download youtube video from here.This one page site tool provides you plenty of high resolution formats to download a video.Youtubemp4 is free and amazing ads free tool.If you are looking to download a video quickly then this site is also one of my recommendations.It has these features,

  • Free tool
  • No error 
  • amazing loading speed 
  • Audio tool also 

This site also a video link in order to start downloading.You have to copy that link and past it in box provided on the url.After this,select the quality that you’re looking for and click download.

Best Youtube Video Downloader

Are you still looking for a solid youtube downloader?then let me suggest a tool called “catchvideo”.This is one of the amazing video downloading and converting tools.Hundreds of users use this website daily.CatchVideo can only download video in three(720p 480p & 360p) relsoutuns.But,this site has number of incredible features also including,

  • No sign up process 
  • Free 
  • legal website 

When you got the original video link and paste in the box and then click catch and choose your quality and start download,this is complete procedure to use it.


Best Youtube Video Downloader

What makes an video interesting and long time watching?in my opinion,script of the video not only make the video excellent to view till the end.Infact,a great & pure ultra HD quality give any video more positive point for a viewer to be attract through the video.So in this case the viewer must a ultra HD quality video.Now it’s time to introduce you with an site which can give a feature of downloading a ultra HD 2k,4k & 8k videos very easily.Yeah! I’m talking about the vidpaw youtube video downloader.This site has simple interface and has these benefits,

  • ultra HD quality 
  • 8k can be download 
  • free to use 
  • no pop ads 
  • no subscription 

This is an amazing tool for those ones who like to watch content on larger screens e.g LEDs,Because here you can get high quality formats.


Best Youtube Video Downloader

As shown by name this is also a video converter.Do you thinking that it’s a video quality converter?absolutely not!actually it is a link converter.Which converts any link to video.This is very simple,cool and dynamic one page site.You can use this site to download youtube or any type of social video.Video can be downloaded by following these steps.

  • Copy the original link 
  • paste in the box provided on URL 
  • select quality 
  • click convert 

After this,your video will start downloading.I personally like this tool.So guys,this is also one of my suggestions in best youtube video downloader.


Best Youtube Video Downloader

Are you still looking to find a more easier to get youtube videos?then,now I’m going to tell a online video downloader known as “savefrom”.Do you listen about this site?Not! don’t worry I’m ready to give you depth information about this site.Yes,guys this is very popular video download tool.It has lakhs of customers which use it’s services on daily basis.It has following features,

  • free tool 
  • easy way to use 
  • simple interface 

As this tool shows too many ads most of people don’t like it but according to me it’s free,cool and amazing tool. It provides good quality content. Most interesting thing is that it start downloading in less than 5 seconds. Many more spectacular features made it attractive.

Best Youtuber Video Downloader

Are you searching for a site where you can get videos except youtube?Then,it’s time to have smile on your face because, now I’m going to talk about a tool which supports more than 800 websites videos to convert them into download form.Are you shocked?just relax,I am not just saying as a joke instead I have a prove.BitDownloader is the tool which can converts links of youtube, instagram, DailyMotion and many more.This tool has following excellent functions,

  • Supports 800+ websites links 
  • High quality resolutions
  • single click downloader

Guys,this site is on top of my recommendations in terms of best youtuve video downloader.You can visit this site by searching “bitdownload” on google.

Best Youtuber Video Downloader

Keepvid is simple,professional and amazing video downloading tool.This is very famous about his brilliant interface. This tool only requires video link to start off downloading. Keepvid has three tools first is complete video converter second one is audio converter and third one is video converter. Keepvid is video compressor and video editor also. This has following amazing features

  • Simple and easy 
  • Video Compressor 
  • Video Editor 
  • Free 

This tool also a heavy amount of users worldwide. Keepvid starts downloading in few simple clicks and show less ads. This site is also in my recommendations to you.

So guys, that’s it these are top 10 best youtube video downloader. If you are looking to download youtube videos from any android application. Then, I suggest you the following apps for this purpose. All the apps are great and some of them which I personally use. 


If you are searching to find out a classic,cool and dynamic video downloading app.Then, Vidmate is your solution.Vidmate is one of most used application worldwide.It has millions downloads.The keyword “vidmate” is searched more then 2000k times a month.Vidmate has simple interface you just have to search you keyword and this app shows you results in variations like video,mp3 and google results etc.As you looking for video you just have to check videos results.Vidmate has these features,

  • free to use
  • legal app
  • globally using app
  • simple using method
  • fast speed

This app is not available on google play store,you can download it from google search results.This is my first recommendation in apps.


This is legal way to download a youtube video because, it’s an official google product.You can download this application from google play store.It has simple interface.Check out this tutorial.

You just clicks simple option to get any video.YoutubeGo has millions users worldwide.It has 4.3/5 ratings on play store.It is one of the famous google products.This app is also one of my top suggestions.


Tubemate is powerful,elegant and amazing youtube downloader. It is one of the oldest app for android to download youtube video. It has sweet and simple interface. This app automatically saves downloaded video into internal storage but,you can move them into to external memory also. Tubemate has following features,

  • Free app
  • High quality diwnloader
  • No errors
  • Simple to use

As tubemate has lot of functions but it’s has some disadvantages also.Firstly you to install a extra mp3 converter in order to get audio files.Secondly you to deal a large amount of advertisements during using.But,tubemate is good app and it’s my third recommendation for you.Keeping in mind this app is also not available on play store.You can download it from google.


Now it’s time to tell you my 4th android app recommendation.Yes guys, keepvid is the next one.This is best youtube video downloader as per experience.This app has ability to download content in high speed.Features of keepvid are,

  • High speed downloader
  • No ads (Premium App)
  • Convenient to use
  • Supports up-to 4k HD

This is one of most amazing and popular apps for youtube downloading.You can download more than 25 websites videos from it including youtube, instagram, twitter, tumbler etc.This app is available on google play store.You can download it from google or other search engine Also.


Instube is superb,cool and dynamic app for android downloading. This app not only helps you to download from Youtube but also from other sites like instagram, twitter etc. It has simple interface. This app provides you numbers of excellent features.You can choose your favorite quality and start downloading within a second. This app has these benefits,

  • Less ratio of disiplaying ads 
  • free and legal app 
  • have good audience worldwide 

On this app you need no external mp3 converter. By using this app you can directly redirect to this app from official youtube app means that you can click share youtube app and choose this app and can start downloading.

Note: This websites or apps aren’t recommended on the base of priorities infact these apps and sites are my suggestions. I wanna tell you that I shared my experience to you and I’m not promoting these apps and sites. If these tools will close in future then I’m not responsible.

Buttom Line 

So guys that’s it this is the end of the article. I hope you feel comfortable during reading top 10 best youtube video downloader. If you have any questions feel free to ask in comments. I wrote these type of articles daily you Can visit our site everyday.