Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy 

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What we are?

Our website address is:

We are here to provide you some real and quality things and our mission is to inform and entertain you. 

How we collect personal data

We collect your personal data when you visit our site. You may give us your personal data directly when you fill out a form, when you post comment on our site, when you subscribe to our newsletters, when you ask for user support and contact us through our contact form for any reason. We collect different sort of data like about your device, about your browser and about your different actions that you take on our site by using cookies. Cookies are for your flexibility, so if you fill out a form than we save this information to avoid filling this form again and again. If you visits our site through your social media account like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and google than we automatically collect your name, picture and email address.

How we use your data

We can use your data for different purposes. We processed your personal information under applicable law. We use your data to analyze about our site working. We use data to analyze how user enters to our site and which actions they performs on our site. We use your data to improve our site performance and behavior, so we recognize which things our users likes or which things they dislike. We analyze these things to improve our performance and provide you some quality work which you are expecting from us. We can also use your data to inform you about our latest blogs and to ask you to take part in a survey which could be beneficial for you. Cookies which we collect from you can also help you in seeing advertising things about your interest and about your taste.

Data Security

We are using some technical tools to protect your data. We are taking some serious steps to safeguard your personal data which we collect from you and we are also responsible for that data security. We limit access to your data to only members of this blog and keep this secure.