Top 5 Best Camera Apps For Android

Top 5 Best Camera Apps For Android 2020,Top Free Camera apps

Are you confused about top 5 best camera apps for android 2020?well,you don’t have to worry about it because,I have your solution.Here you will know top 5 best camera apps for android 2020.

We are living in Era where everyone keeps something to capture their single moment.Most of people try their best to capture best photo and videos.But,they can’t click “capture” like others.This isn’t their fault.Infact,they don’t know the secret behind the pure photography.Most users use DSLR for elegant capturing.But,many people don’t have DSLR.They think to take photos with smartphone having DSLR appearance.Yes,this is possible by using some apps.

Top 5 Best Camera Apps For Android
Top 5 Best Camera Apps For Android

Top 5 best camera apps for android 

As I mentioned above there are many excellent apps available for glamorous photography.But,the question arises which are top 5 best camera apps for android.So,here I discussed these apps deeply.Keep reading till the end.If you didn’t want to read this article then watch this same things will be discussed here.

1.Sweet Selfie

Sweet Selfie
Sweet Selfie

If you are looking to find any app which gives all excellent features.Then I will recommend sweet selfie.This app is one of finest apps for photography.Sweet selfie has lot of brilliant functions.This software can be use as selfie camera.It can smooth your capture moment instantly.There are many filters available for professional editing.Sweet selfie has following features.

  • Auto beauty effect 
  • cut & crop 
  • background frames 
  • filters can applied before capturing 

It has simple interface bit if are beginner you can the tutorial video below.

Sweet selfie has 100M+ downloads across the globe.It also have 1M+ reviews on google play store.Sweet selfie is the free software for photos.It also have good ratings of 4.4/5.

2.Beauty Plus 

Beauty Plus
Beauty Plus

As shown by name this amazing app can make your moments more beautiful.This is app that I personally use at special occasion.It also has multiple pretty features.Foe example it can provides you many amazing background.By using this app you can have lot of outstanding filters.Beauty plus has simple interface but if you are new user you can check out this tutorial below.

This app has beautiful features including,

  • Free to use
  • Blurring effect
  • no need of high RAM in order to run
  • selfie camera as well

Beauty plus has millions users in the world.This is one of the trending apps in category.It has good reviews with amazing ratings on google play store.

3.B612 Camera

B612 Camera
B612 Camera

Are you feel boring reading about above apps?Let me tell you father of camera photography.Yes,I’m right now I’m going to tell an app called “B612 Camera”.This is app which has more than 500 millions customers.Lokking shocked?don’t worry this is reality.You can check on google play store.B612 has 6Million+ reviews.This app is also one of my suggestion.It has following features.

  • packed with 1500 stickers
  • shiny effect which brighten your photos
  • extraordinary beauty effects
  • have fabulous filters

This app has show simple window after opening.You just have basic training for using the app.Beginners can watch this tutorial.

This app is also free to use.This app can turn your pics 360 degrees.Except this,It has numbers of melodious editing effects.

4.BeautyCam Camera
BeautyCam Camera
BeautyCam Camera

BeautyCam Camera

Now it’s time to introduce you with the globally used software for perfect clicking.I’m talking about the 10Million+ customers BeautyCam.Yes this app has 10 millions fans along the planet.BeautyCam has average ratings.This 63 Mb’s app can make your photo more professional.Ir has following functions.

  • Amazing makeup looks
  • Stunning styles
  • Packed with incredible stickers
  • Free to use

Like beauty plus beautycam also have simple interface.Do you want to know how it works?watch this,

5.Candy Camera
Candy Camera
Candy Camera

Now let me tell you 4.5 ratings app for pure capturing.Yes,there is an app with small but effective functions.What do you think it is?if you having name of “Candy Camera”.Then, you’re absolutely right.Yeah,this app is very famous among audience about his spectacular features.You can choose perfect filter for perfect occasion.It helps you to make college grid style images.Excepting this,it has following features 

  • Ultimate tool for selfies
  • Can do slimming,shinning at the moment
  • With amazing stickers
  • Take silent snapshots

You can adjust perfect beauty stickers for perfect photographs.In order to do this you can check out this following video.

Ending Words 

I hope these paragraphs will help you to clear all your doubts about camera apps.Keep in mind,this article isn’t promoting any apps.It is just my recommendations.If you loved our content.Be free to tell us in comment box.We are trying our level best to provide you quality information.This article is being updated with the passage of time.

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