Top 5 Best Video Editor For Android 2020

Top 5 Best Video Editor For Android 2020

If are really want to know which are the top 5 best video editor for android 2020.This is right place for I described top 5 best video editor for android.

Top 5 Best Video Editor For Android 2020

Video editing is one of difficult task that a comman man does. Some people do this work only for themselves. Some of them do to share it on social media like instagram or TikTok. Thousands of youtube creators edit videos on daily basis. On computer video editing process becomes very easy. Because computer has tons of storage and RAM in large number. But,most of people don’t have PC. What can they do now?I have their solution. Because here you read top 5 best video editor for android 2020.

Top 5 Best Video Editor For Android 2020
Top 5 Best Video Editor For Android 2020


If we declare kinemaster is the best video editor of all time. Then nothing is looks wrong. Kinemasters is one of highest uses app for video editing on android. This app is completely a gift for video editing. Because a tuff task of editing is not that easy. But,kinemaster made it very easily. Kinemaater has a watermark in it. If you want to remove this logo you have to download it from google. Some devices who have 1GB ram can easily run kinemaster. And the devices who has 2GB or more Ram it can run app conveniently. Kinemaster has multiple amazing features described below.

  • Free editing 
  • Chroma key supported
  • Export in ultra HD quality 
  • multiple layers at one time 

Chroma Key: Here I wrote a word “Chroma Key”. This is most interesting and important function of app.By using this feature users can remove background of the editing content. It helps to set a new background for the particular video. If the video has green background then it will remove easily. Otherwise different colours backgrounds can also be removed by using some different variations. Kinemster is my first recommendation in order to edit video. Kinemaster has 100s of features that a beginner can never use. In order to introduce some features of kinemaster you can watch this video.

2.Power Director

Power director is also one of most used applications for editing. Youtube creators specially use this app for editing purpose.Because it convert screen record video into professional look. It is paid app. If you don’t buy it then you found a watermark in it. In order to remove logo you have to download it from google. It also have multiple features. Some of them are explained below.

Power Director
Power Director
  • Professional editing
  • Export in one touch
  • Ads free running 

Power director is my second recommendation for professional editing. It also can export video in 1080p.It has simple interface so it is very easy to use.

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3.Viva Video 

Viva video is one of most popular editing software. It has unique features. It can export video in 570p & 640p.This export resolution doesn’t support any device.But viva video has this feature. You can add text on images or video with your favt. font. This is very helpful for those users who want to make images video. This app has following features.

Viva Video
Viva Video
  • Export in HD 
  • Extra sound can record 
  • Slow video up-to 0.25x

This is also one of my top suggestion. This app has one disadvantage that it shows ads between editing. You have to be expert in using the app in order for professional editing. If you are beginner then you have to watch this video.

4.Video Show 

This video editor is very popular. It also have number of incredible functions. You can trim the editing content. Extra music can also be added. Multiple video can also be merge. Slow motion, contrast, sharpness and text also used. This app is one of the top 5 best video editor for android. This app is paid but you can download it’s free version. It has thousands of users worldwide. It has these benefits.

Video Show
Video Show
  • Trimming
  • Video Merging
  • HD result
  • Simple to edit

If you are not professional or middle editor. Then you will definitely use this app. This is available on google play store. But you want to edit with no logo then download it free version from Google.


Filmora is the best software for video editing on windows. In android version it provides same qualities. Filmora is an amazing android editor. All the editing functions like cutting, trimming,merging and adding music can be performed easily. This is one top first recommendation of bloggers and youtubers use this app.It is free app with millions of fans. It has following features.

  • HD exporting resolution
  • Cool effects 
  • Multiple times video addition

This app has lot of beautiful background for video editing. It makes your video an exciting film. Most of social stars use this app. You can also download this app from play store.

Bottom Line 

I hope this article would clear all your doubts about top 5 best video editor for android. Make sure you visit our website daily. This blog is update on daily basis. I hope upcoming articles are also very helpful to you. If you have questions about this article so you can comment below.