Top 5 Video Player For Windows 10

Top 5 Best Video Players For Windows 10 2019

Do you want to know the top 5 best video players for windows 10?Here I have your solution.Here you will get complete review on top 5 best video players for windows 10.

Top 5 Video Players For Windows 10

Media player or video player plays important role to watch our favourite videos.We are living in 21st century and there is large number of video players available in the market.But most of the users are confused about which player is the best choice. Here I tell you top 5 video players for windows 10.

Top 5 Video Player For Windows 10
Top 5 Video Player For Windows 10

1.VLC Media Player

Whenever we start our discussion on top 5 best video player for windows 10.The first media player comes instantly in our mind is VLC Media Player. Undoubtedly,VLC is one of best media players not only for windows but also for android. VLC player is most old video player for windows. It has millions downloads on internet. This player has plenty indescribable features. Some of them are written below.


  • VLC can run 8K Ultra HD file
  • It updated regularly with new features
  • Users can listen audio of AC3 format in it

This player has millions of fans across the globe. This is my first recommendation to you in order to use in windows 10.VLC is available to all platforms.

2.KM Player 

KM player is also an other amazing media player for windows. This player is available for android also. After releasing for android and IOS it gets large reputation because of it’s spectacular features. It is free player. Users doesn’t have to pay to run it. It has ability to run all types of video and audio files. This Player has inbuilt codec so users doesn’t think for other codec. If you’re looking to play content in 3D or 4K quality then you can add codec in it. It provides you following amazing functions.


  • unstoppable play
  • Variations in editing playing
  • Play all formats and resolutions

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Taking about video & audio effects, KM Player has plenty of effects. This media player was launched in 2002.Later on it was bought by Korean company in 2007.KM Player is my second suggestion to you.

3.5K Player

Discussing top 5 video players for windows 10,5K Player is my third recommendation for readers.5K Player is also one of finest and famous video player of all time. This video player have lot of amazing features. You can play 3D 4K ultra HD and all high definition files on it. In audio play this player gives you plenty of editing effects. This player is free and available for all windows. It has following excellent functions.

5K Player
5K Player
  • Highly configurable 
  • Video downloader also 
  • Support all formats 

5K player has thousands of users on the earth. It can play multiple video at once. Users can enjoy data in high resolutions.using headphones as speaker you can manage setting also in 5K Player.

4.Media Classic Player

As shown from name this is media classic type of video player. It is also called Home Cinema player. Because it’s gives a cinema look while running. If you don’t have VLC or any other great player,then this is best alternate for windows 10.It didn’t have too many good features but it doesn’t mean it will disappoint you. It also has some unique features. It is also MP3 player. It has following big features.

  • Highly manageable 
  • good audio performance 
  • responsive and free

    Media Classic Player
    Media Classic Player

This is free music player and downloadable for all version of windows.This is my #4 recommendation to you in order to run files.

5.Real Player 

Real player is also one of top video players for windows. This player can play all formats of videos including MKV,AVI,MP4,GOV etc. This player is specially designed for low processing unit of computers. It has huge audience around the continents. It also have many features some of described below.

  • Supports all formats 
  • Video downloader also 
  • good at live streaming

    Real Player
    Real Player

This player is my last and 5th suggestion to you. This player can be used without paying. You can run it on all windows.

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Bottom Line 

I hope this article will help you to clear your all doubts about top 5 video player for windows 10.This article is written after getting experience about these video players.