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150+ Whatsapp Status For Friends -Whatsapp Status On Friends

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150+ Whatsapp Status For Friends 

Following list is the best and unique whatsapp status for friends & whatsapp status on friends (quotes).

1.A faithful friend is the medicine of life

2.Life is beautiful when friendship is trustful.

3.A friend is like a circle That has no end or origin.

4.Be gracious to all,but select the best man to be your friend.

5.A true friend is the best possession.

6.Friends are like cryons they spread love every where……

7.The biggest gift of life is friendship and I have received it.

8.God made us best friends because he knows our mother can’t handle us like our sisters.

9.A sweet friendship refreshes the soul.

10.Friends are like animals,different from everyone,but still same…

11.If you never have friends,you never lived life.

12.Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking without a friend in the light.

13.Having a best friend who is like your other half.

14.My friends can’t stop being my friend, that’s bitch knows very much.

15.The language of friendship is not words but have bold meaning.

16.Me and my friends can just communicate with expressions.

17.A true friend saw the first tear,catch the second and stops the third.

18.True friends are those people that brighten your smiles when your ‘re with them.

19.Friends are like books, few but selected with your mind by the heart.

20.The fragrance of life can be enjoyed in the company of true friends.

whatsapp status for friends
whatsapp status for friends

21.A friend is the what our heart need all the time.

22.Friends are like stars,which gives you brightness at the darkest time.

23.Friendship is just a soul trapped in multiple bodies at the single time.

24.It’s better to be true friend than a lover because you forget a lover but never a friend.

25.A true friend is greatest omomg all blessings in this world.

26.It’s very exciting when you find your parts in your friends.

27.Wherever we ‘re,it’s our friends that makes our world a happy world.

28.Friends are the most gradient in the recipe of life.

29.A friend is someone who’s make it easy to believe in yourself.

30.One of best things in life is to have best friend.

31.Cherish friendship is your breast,new is good but old is best.

32.Friends multiplies the good of life and divides the evil from start.

33.Your are not rich until you have something that money can’t buy like friends.

34.In my friend,I found a second self.

35.I and you are more than friends actually we are like having small gang.

36.Friends ome and go but enemies remains  and build up.

37.Looking at your friend and saying “I will do it if you do also”.

38.Wishing to be friends is quick work but,friendship is slow repening fruit.

39.A friend is someone you can call them at any instant for laugh,cry or complain.

40.If your friends don’t really makes fun of you,they actually not your friends.

whatsapp status for friends
whatsapp status for friends

41.Best friends knows how crazy you ‘re but still they have ready to be seen with you in public.

42.Good food is all become sweeter when it’s share with friends.

43.Hard time will always reveal the real friends.

44.Best friend have the ability to turn your horrible day into enjoyable day.

45.Friends come and go like waves on the ocean…but true friends stay like an octopus stay on your face.

46.Give respect to your those friends who find time for you in their busy time and really love those friends who even forget their schedule when you need them.

47.Frienship often ends in love but love always not ends in friendship.

48.A friend is a person who knows your faults but still love you .

49.If anybody hurt my best friends,I can make your death look like an accident.

50.Close friends loves each other,good friends understand each other but the true friends stay forever even you hurt them.

51.A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the universe walks out.

52.best friends make common moments special and special moments very special that are not forgettable till we die.

53.friendship is not measure by whom you longer know about infact it automatically measure in your challenging time.

54.A line has 2,triangle has 3,square has 4 and star has 5 ends,but a real friend like circle has no ends.

55.Hard time always reveal your real friends.

56.A best friend is a person who loves you at that time where even you forget to loves yourself.

57.Our Brothers is bad or good, we have to accept them, but we make friends that we like.

58.A friend in need is a friend indeed.

59.Friends understand everything at heart happiness accompanies every moment of sorrow friends meet destiny every time we meet such luck.

60.True friends are like tears where the heart is sad, there are drips.

whatsapp status on friends
whatsapp status on friends

61.Best friends are those who hates the same things as we.

62.Friendship is not finding the gold or silver infact,it’s just to accept friend as coal which changes into diamond with respect to time.

63.A Friends is such a persons with we can share our every single problem with them.

64.Friend is like pure diamond even without manufacturing with becomes more and more valueable.

65.Where there are friends there is wealth.

66.Our coffee with friends always be great time.

67.A friend is one of the best things you have in your life.

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68.A friend travels with you along with your shadow.

69.A friend is always stands with you even when you are wrong.

70.Sometimes friends turns your way from wrong to right.

71.Friends are like flowers which gives you attraction and fragrance.

72.A friend is the great blessing of God.

73.Good friends are like rainbow colours are beautiful and amazing.

74.Friendship is most powerful weapon in the world.

75.Sensible friends helps you to become more mature.

76.A friend is such a person who changes his expression by following you.

77.A true friendship is not that mean to conversate or meet daily infact a true friend understands your problems.

78.A true friend is knows the song in your heart and can sing it back even when you have forgotten the lyrics.

79.A true friend is always with you even when your journey ends in this world.

80.A friend is ready to go with you even in hell or paradise.

81.A true friend doesn’t believe any misguideness from enemies.

whatsapp status with friends
whatsapp status with friends

82.A true friend don’t tell his problem to avoid to disturb you.

83.A true is looks normal when he is with you even he had many problems in his life.

84.A friend can beg for you,can kill anybody for you and can die for you.

85.True friends helps you to saw sun even in rain or cloudy.

86.True friends is with you in those matters where your family leaves you.

87.A friend is someone who doesn’t get tired listening the same thing you told again and again.

88.A true friend always support you andWharsa keep you to try again even he knows it’s impossible but he didn’t let you down.

89.A true friend is someone who feels your pain even before you.

90.A true friend is ready to left his dreams in order to let your dreams come true.

91.A true friend can take risk at anytime for you.

92.A true friend can lifts you during walking on the road or steep path.

93.you can win World in seconds if you’re friends are supporting and true friends.

94.A true friend knows how to make your hearts smile in the time of stress.

95.with your friends you can pass your time as much as enjoyable.

96.True Friends are more important  than your family.

97.A true friend is one who smiles with you and cries with you.

whatsapp status on friendship
whatsapp status on friendship

98.A true  friend is one whose can change your route and destination.

99.Hundreds of peoples will walk in and walk out in your life but a true friend is one who just enters and then forget to get out of your heart.

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100.A true friend is one who understands you more than yourself.

101.friends are those peoples that makes you to laugh little louder,live little more and loves little more than anyone else.

102.Friendship are more thicker than brotherhood.

103.I am not alone.I have my friends.It doesn’t matter whereever they from.

104.Friends are one of most amazing beauties that every sensible person have in life.

105.Friends can help to forgot your past.Become your present & design your future.

106.If my friends were to jump off a bridge.I Wouldn’t not jump with them infact,I’d be at the bottom to catch them.

107.True friendship is like gold which changes into pure diamond slowly slowly.

108.We experiend happy married life before getting married through friendship.

109.Often,being silly with friends is the best therapy.

110.There’s not a word yet, For old friends who we have just meet.

111.No Friendship is an accident.

112.Friends are like quilts, they never lose their warmth.

113.Good coffee is pleasure,Good friends are treasure.

114.True friendship are eternal.

115.It’s my friends who keeps my heart warm.

116.Friendship is like to standing on wet cement.The longer you stay,the harder to leave,& you never can go without leaving your footprints back.

117.The best cure for a bad day is the best friend that you have.

118.The only way to have a friend is to be one.

119.Coffee and Friends make the better blend 😊.

120.An old friend is the best mirror of reflection.

121.Our friendship is like a cup of tea.A special blend of you and me.


whatssapp status for friends


122.A cup of coffee shared with friends is happiness tasted and time well spent.

123.A friend is nicest things you can have, and one of best things you can be.

124.Friendship is never serene.

125.You have been a smile behind the lot of reasons.

126.One of best qualities of true Friendship is to understand and to be understood.

127.Good friends are those who helps to make your dreams true.

128.With friends we forget that impossibility is one thing.

129.Chilling with friends is to spend time with God.

130.Life Would be boring without a best friend!

131.Great friends are like stars,You didn’t always see them but you know, they are always with you.

132.A friend is someone who gives you freedom to be yourself.

133.Good friends are hard to find,difficult to leave and impossible to to forget.

134.Nobody ever chooses the already unfortunate as objects of his loyal friends.

135.Waters may dry. Flowers may die but true friends doesn’t say good bye.

136.Everybody has friends in every stage of life but lucky one’s has same friends in whole life.

137.It is great when two strangers become friends and it’s so sad when two friends become strangers.

138.Friendship is so weird.You just pick a human you have met and your are like “yup! I like this one beside me and you just do stuff with them.

139.A single flower can be my garden as a single true friend be my world.

140.Friendship multiplies your joys and divides your sorrows.

141.I would rather talk with a friend in the dark,than alone in light.

whartsapp status for friends

142.Friendship is not something you learned in school but if your haven’t learned the meaning of the friendship,you really haven’t learned anything.

143.True Friends are forever,until they got married.

144.A friend is someone who can see the truth and pain in you,evenwhen you are following anyone else.

145.Friends are like stars,they come and go but if they once stay they are the one’s that glows.

146.True friends don’t judge each other.They judge other peoples together!

147.I have told my friends we are going to be friends forever.Because I’m too lazy to find new one’s.

148.Sone peoples don’t know the true meaning of the word “friend”.

149.Nobody judge anything in the world in one attempt but friends are only that every wise and sensible person can judge in single attempt.

150.A true friend never gets in you way unless you happen to be going down😊.

151.Life was meant for best friends and great adventures.

152.Real friends get treated like family.

153.Friends are God’s way of looking after us.

154 Friendship is like a knot,tied by angels of hand.

155.Friendship is born at that moment when person says to another what’s you too? I thought I was the only one.

156.Best friends make good time better and bad time easier.

157.The road to be friends home in never look like long.

158.If you have crazy friends than you have everything.

159.A friends loves you loves like your God and your mother.

160.You can’t lie your friends but if you can that’s mean they are not your friends.


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